Yoga can be defined in many different ways. The literal meaning of the Sanskrit word Yoga is: “to join,” “to unite,” “to add,” “to attach.” All of these phrases speak to the type of environment we provide at Whole Life Wellness Studio. By joining yoga and therapy, we offer a space where one can unite body, mind, and spirit. With this, you add to your life by attaching yourself to wellness in a holistic manner.

In essence, we wish to cultivate a sense of mindfulness in both our physical and mental states. With this, we humbly ask that you honor the principles set forth below so that we all contribute to the Whole Life Wellness Studio community both consciously and compassionately.

Before Class

  • Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move freely and unimpeded during class
  • Please arrive to class well hydrated and prepared with a mat,* towel, and water.
  • Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to class to allow time to sign in, settle in, and take a few quiet minutes on your mat to center yourself.
  • If you are new to the Whole Life Wellness Studio allow a few extra minutes to register.
  • Please honor the policy of silence within the practice space before class begins.
  • Please remove shoes before entering practice room. Cubbies are available for your shoes in the sitting area. Cubbies are offered inside the practice room for personal belongings.
  • Please turn off your cell phone (including the vibrate feature) before entering the practice space.
  • Please gather any props needed for the practice beforehand. We are delighted to offer blocks, straps, blankets, and bolsters.
  • Please take young children to the bathroom before class time as to avoid unnecessary breaks in the flow of class.

*We do have extra yoga mats if you need to rent one! 

During Class

  • Please remember that during class we offer a space of healing and empowerment. This is your time to connect to your truth by honoring your personal limitations, using modifications and props where appropriate, and acknowledging the voice of the teacher within your Self
  • If you experience pain or discomfort during any class, please yield to these feelings and notify the teacher.
  • We ask that you attend the full class and stay until the conclusion.

After Practice

  • Please leave the room quietly to honor the stillness of the practice space.
  • Remember that your yoga and therapeutic yoga practice truly begins the moment you step off of your mat, so remember to take it with you.


1How much does a Traditional Yoga Class cost at Whole Life Wellness Studio?
Our Traditional Yoga Classes are priced individually and range from $20-$25 per “drop-in” class. We also offer private classes for groups and individuals from $75-$100. Click HERE for Traditional Yoga class descriptions and prices.
2How much does a Therapeutic Yoga Class cost at Whole Life Wellness Studio?
Our Therapeutic Yoga Classes are priced individually and vary according to group/individual rates. Click HERE for Therapeutic Yoga class descriptions and prices.
3How much do the Wellness Workshops cost at Whole Life Wellness Studio?
Our Wellness Workshops are priced individually and vary according to the workshop and/or instructor. Click HERE for workshop descriptions and prices.
4Who are your instructors and how does their training qualify them for your studio?
Our Therapeutic Yoga instructors are certified yoga teachers who are also Licensed Therapists. Our Traditional Yoga instructors are trained and certified in yoga of all types. Individual instructor bios can be read HERE. Our Wellness Workshop instructors vary and include experts and practitioners of all types, including: licensed therapists, yoga instructors, physicians, nutritionists, and more.
5Do children have to be accompanied by an adult during the Kids/Teen Yoga classes?
No, children are welcomed and encouraged to come to our Kids/Teen Yoga (both traditional and therapeutic) classes by themselves where we provide an environment that fosters initiative, empowerment, mindfulness, self-awareness, and strength. Parents are welcome to wait in the Whole Family Inc. waiting room just down the hall.
6Is it mandatory that I pre-register for classes at Whole Life Wellness Studio?
Yes. Please register at least 2 hours in advance of each drop-in session. This will ensure you or your child a place in class.