Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Whole Life Wellness Studio is excited to offer therapeutic yoga to the city of Chicago. We have found that yoga, mindfulness, and breathing techniques offer students countless benefits that both compliment and strengthen the therapeutic and healing process. This synthesis between physical and mental activity generates a powerful, one-of-a-kind therapeutic environment and unique space for development that utilizes and strengthens both the mind and body.

Class Descriptions

Private Individual Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Support your personal evolution and healing through one-on-one therapeutic yoga classes. These private sessions are designed specifically for your individual needs to ensure that you are guided through a customized program that most efficiently and effectively serves your therapeutic goals.

Price: $125 per class

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Private Group/Family Therapeutic Yoga Classes

Work as a family toward your personalized goals and areas of concern, including: teamwork, communication, respect, and patience. These classes include fun partner yoga poses, group poses, and family meditative practices.

Price: $175 per class

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Therapeutic Yoga Group Series

Move through a age-specific and theme-based therapeutic yoga series that centers on specific goals and areas of concern, such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem, anger, etc.

Price: Each series is priced according to how many times the class meets. Please see the series flyer for details.

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All Therapeutic Yoga Classes are lead by Licensed Therapists who are also Certified Yoga Instructors.