Traditional Yoga Classes

Whole Life Wellness Studio believes that all types of yoga provide therapeutic benefits; however, we do offer a range of more traditional yoga classes for both adults and children that do not specifically combine western curative approaches like our therapeutic yoga classes and series do.

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"Drop In" Yoga Class Descriptions

Although the classes below are listed as "drop-in," we do require that students pre-register online.  This will ensure your place in the class.

Vinyasa Flow for Adults

Connect your breath to your movement through the physical postures of yoga. This class is a gentle yet stimulating flow that cultivates strength through tapas, the fire of discipline that detoxifies the body and purifies the mind. (50 minutes)

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Yoga Sculpt 

Intensify your practice by adding hand weights to the Vinyasa flow. Through weight resistance, this class includes cardiovascular and plyometric movements that melt calories and increase both physical and mental endurance. (50 minutes)

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Meditation and Mindfulness

Cultivate a greater awareness of your body and mind. This class balances unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that undermine your physical, emotional, and spiritual health through meditative yoga practices. (50 minutes)

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Kids/Teens Yoga Classes

Combining movement, play, and education, these classes offer children and teens the opportunity to explore the world of yoga. The physical yoga postures and breathing techniques develop physical and mental strength while encouraging mindfulness, self-awareness, and self-control. (75 minutes)

Price: $40 per class

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Private Yoga Class Descriptions

Private Individual Yoga Sessions

Catering to your personal needs and goals, Whole Life’s private classes are designed to strengthen your body and mind through a one-on-one format. This ancient way of teaching and learning yoga is a process that is customized to your unique health and wellness profile. (50 minutes)

Price: $75 per class

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Private Group/Family Yoga Sessions

Cultivate physical and mental strength with your friends or family in our private group/family sessions with one instructor and (up to) six students. Classes are offered for every age level and include music, movement, relaxation and group activities. Classes can be designed to compliment any theme or as an introduction to yoga. (50 minutes)

Price: $100 per class

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